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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Chrysler limo hire London

A great new website has been launched by the 1stEvent Limousines group of companies, showcasing some great limo hire in London stretch Limousines. The site focuses on the stunning Chrysler limo hire London and has six different Chrysler limos to hire in London to show. go to www.chryslerlimohirelondon.co.uk

Friday, 15 April 2011

New website for marquee hire in essex

A series of brand new websites have just been launched to help people find limousines in the Essex areas. for limo hire Chelmsford go to www.limohirechelmsford.com for limo hire Brentwood go to www.limohirebrentwood.com for limo hire southend go to www.limohiresouthend.com For Marquee hire in essex go to www.marqueehireinessex.co.uk

Chrysler limo hire London

New website has just been launched by the 1st event limousine family of limo hire services for London and showcases a whole range of stunning Chrysler limo hire London to offer. Just go to www.chryslerlimohirelondon.co.uk and have a look at the stunning vehicles they have to offer for hire. for wedding limo hire go to www.weddinglimohire.com for limo hire chelmsford go to www.limohirechelmsford.com

Thursday, 14 April 2011

New websites to look at.

New websites for you guys to look at;

If you are looking for limo hire in Chelmsford, then check out the brand new limousine hire website produced by seo optimisation company, Wilfdog Internet services. The site can be found at www.limohirechelmsford.com.

Anyone out there looking for similar limo hire in Harlow, just go a very similar new company at www.limohireharlow.co.uk, This site has the very best stretch limousines in the Uk to Hire.

Anyone following the ITV 2 program, The Only way Is Essex will know all about the fantastic Sugar Hut club in Brentwood, if you are looking for limo hire Brentwood, then look no further than www.limohirebrentwood.com

News on limo hire in surrey and hire limo kent, a mere 18 months after annoucing a clampdown on the illegal and unroadworthy stretched limousines, the VOSA (Vehicle Operating Standards Agency) has carried out its threat to crush and impound limousines. The white 4X4 stretched limo hire vehicle was unceremonially bulldozed into the scrapyard at Newport, south Wales, and a mechanical grab hauled it into the crusher. From there it was swiftly smashed into tangle and twisted metal and broken glass. VOSA had said the destruction of the illegal limousine was ‘intend to send a message to the industry and consumers that we will not take it anymore’ for more news on limo hire hertfordshire go to www.1steventlimousines.co.uk


News for hire limo in leeds and hire limo in kent, one top known limousine company within the limo hire industry has set the higher standards. If you thought hiring a stretched limo to have a night out in was a little 90’s, here’s one motorist who stretched the limits that little bit further. The exclusive Ferrari 360 coupe has just been converted into a luxury limousine after six months of reconstruction, which has cost him from around £120,000 from new, the owner of the vehicle spent £200,000 converting his pride and joy using genuine Ferrari parts. For more news on hire limo leeds and hire limo kent go to www.hirelimoleeds.com

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

New websites in Essex

Brand new limousine hire website to look at in and around the Essex county have been launched, for awesome limo hire Harlow and limo hire Brentwood have a look at the two websites listed below. for limo hire Harlow go to www.limohireharlow.co.uk For limo hire Brentwood go to www.limohirebrentwood.com

Try these new websites, one in your area

Try these limousine hire websites in Essex, theres bound to be one for you.

For limo hire Chelmsford go to http://www.limohirechelmsford.com/
For limo hire Brentwood go to http://www.limohirebrentwood.com/
For limo hire Colchester go to http://www.limohirecolchester.co.uk/
For limo hire Harlow go to http://www.limohireharlow.co.uk/
For limo hire in Romford go to http://www.limohireromford.com/

Monday, 11 April 2011

New website offers Romford limo services

A Brand new website which offer 1st Event limousines in the romford areas has just been launched and is already a great success. for anyone looking for limo hire romford just go to www.limohireromford.com This site offers fantastic limousine deals in Essex and the very newest fleet in the UK. For the very best hair salon in London go to www.hairsaloninlondon.co.uk