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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Hummer Hummer up for sale

24th April 2010.

London based limousine hire company Hummer Hummer are looking for a buyer. The Acton based comapny has 4 fully cusomised Hummer stretch limousines, including one with an eight wheel base.

Is this another case of a company that has been flouting the law under the schedule six banner and with the new laws passed by VOSA in October 2009 have now come unstuck? I think so. This company has been very obviously running a completely illegal operation and now want to jump out while they can. I do not feel sorry for this company at all, they and every other illegal operator should be forced to close down. I just hope that they do not get bought out by some unknowing person thinking they have a bargain.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Demon Limo has its own website

A new website targeting on limo hire in London has been launched. www.demonlimo.co.uk is a dynamic and transparent website that gives its users direct access to the Uk;s biggest fleet of Chrysler 300 stretch limousines, Dodge Charger Demon limos and Grand Illusion Party Bus Limousines, all available to hire at prices that will amaze you.

Just go to www.demonlimo.co.uk for more details.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Limo Hire Website gives operators a chance

Welcome to the Limo Hire Assoc

http://www.limohire.co.uk/ is a new, dynamic and efficient way for you to source your Limousine hire. Our unique and transparent directory allows you direct access to our accredited member limousine companies. By bringing you and the Limousine Operator together, all the parameters are dealt with directly and efficiently between yourselves. The price structure, terms & conditions, and limousine hire structure are decided between yourself and the Limousine Operator directly and not by an outside third party.

Limo hire Website comes to life!!


After two years we have finally got there. The national based limo hire association is onto the 1st page of Google for the search term limo hire, holding a position of three. This fantastic transparent website allows operators and consumers direct access to each other without any brokerage fees, making the whole hire experience easy, direct and ultimately cheaper.

see more at www.limohire.co.uk

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Limo Hire Herts

At last, a limousine hire site that can offer you the very best limousines in the UK, all at local prices! www.limohirehertfordshire.com is a new and dynamic way for you to source a stretch limousine. Brought to you by the UK's best loved limousine hire company, 1stEvent Limos, Limo hire hertfordshire has all the very latest limousines to hire.

For Chrysler limousine hire in Herts go to www.limohirehertfordshire.com

Monday, 19 April 2010


The bigger the party the better. Thats the main saying for the new legal 16 seater party bus's hitting the streets of the UK. http://www.1st4limobus.co.uk/ is the new website that provides the best, newest and most luxurious 16 seaters within the UK. As being apart of the 1st 4 Group, 1st4LimoBus is one of the first companies within Essex to offer anyone looking to get into the limousine business the advantage of having the newest legal 16 passenger limo cruiser. They have these all new massive limousine to offer the public.

You have to see these limousines to believe it, and have to be in them to feel it, from the moment this eye catching, powerful stretch limousine arrives at anyones doorsteps, the night out has already begun. For more info check out http://www.1st4limobus.co.uk/


For the newest Chrysler 300c Limousines and the most dynamic limousines ever produced, Chrysler Limousines have the complete fleet of four different colours to offer anyone for any occassion. These stunning and luxurious limousine's has taken the limousine hiring industry by storm since they arrived in the UK back in 2005. More established than the Lincoln Towncar Limousines, and named the 'Baby Bentley' the chrysler 300c limousine is imply the limousine everyone wants to have.

With being apart of the 1st Event Group, Chrysler Limousines are no doubt the top contender for the best limousine hire within the UK. Providing not only the best, newest and legal limousine within the UK, but the service that comes from the team behind the phone call's being the freindlist, most helpful and providing the best costumer service to date.

For the best service to date go to www.chryslerlimousines.co.uk


http://www.chrysler300limosales.co.uk/ is the new website to the hit the net with the newest, most stylish and the only few that sell legal Chrysler Limousines throughout the UK. As a subdivision of the biggest limousine hire company in Essex (1st Event Group), Chrysler Limo Sales offer their clients with a complete fleet of stunning 2010 stretch limousine to choose from. They pride themselves in having the newest stretch Chrysler 300c Limousines in the UK. When starting off a new limousine hiring firm, how better to start off with the upmost amazing SVA certificated 8 passenger Icon Illusion Chrysler 300c Limousine to jump start your business.

Chrysler 300 Limo Sales provide these head turning limousines are the impact any limousine company needs, perfect for all varied occasions and fully legit to carry up to 8 persons in complete satisfactury.

For the upmost stunning limousines for sale check out http://www.chrysler300limosales.co.uk/


With the latest in Limousine companies being terminated and limousines being impounded through certain firms not following the rules and making their vehicles adapt to the VOSA rules of having an SVA certificate or COIF for the larger limousine means that the public havn't got much choice in limousine firms to choose in. However, their is a glimpse of hope.

http://www.chrysler300limos.co.uk/ is one of the biggest growing limousine hiring companies to hit the UK. Being apart of the 1st Event Group, Chrysler 300 Limos show that they are professional, fully legit and licensed for every limousine they have on their fleet. As pary of their dedication to the public in providing the best limousine hiring services within London, Essex, Ashley, Barton-On-Sea, Chalton, Clack, Clacton-On-Sea, Gosport, Hawkwell and many others. Chrysler Limos are committed to providing only fully legal limousines in the area to hire.

For the best the public deserve go to http://www.chrysler300limos.co.uk/

New Website For Chrysler 300 Limousine

Want to make a high impact when turning up to your favourite club? Fed up with ordering taxis? Then this is the website for you. http://www.chrysler300limo.co.uk/ pride themselves in being the upmost reliable and professionable limousine company around the UK. Chrysler Limos supply limo hire throughout all the major towns from London, Essex, Ashley, Clacton-On-Sea, Colchester, East Clandon, East Cowes, Frinton-On-Sea, Hawkley, and many more!

Chrysler Limo provide limo hire services for all different occasions including such as Prom Hire, Wedding Limo Service, Birthdays, Nights/Days out. Being a member of the 1st Event Group of Limousine, Chrysler Limo are fully licensed limousine firm with a range of brand new vehicles for everyone to look at and admire. For any occasion, any event, Chrysler Limo will make anything possible.

The 'New' Hummer of the Limo hire industry....

The king is dead, long live the king....

As the demand for bigger and newer limousines has grown in the UK, Benfleet based limousine sales company, 1st4Limosales Ltd and joined esteemed minibus builders, Stanford Coachworks of Stanford Le hope, Essex to produce what many believe to be the future of the 16 passenger limousine hire industry....The Grand Illusion Party Bus Limo Cruiser. Built on a solid Mercedes Sprinter platform, the stunning all new Grand Illusion has everything you would would expect from a Hummer Limousine, but has the destiction of being a fully UK Legal COIF compliant passenger carrying vehicle.

You can see more of these wonderful huge new limousines at www.partybuslimousine.co.uk or go to www.hummerlimohireessex for more details.

For up to date news and views on these limousines go to www.limosblog.co.uk

New website for Sussex


Chester limo hire is the new dynamic limousine hire website focusing on the Sussex and East Sussex areas. This website is able to offer a full range of brand new limousines inc the stunning Icon Illusion Chrysler 3oo limousine, awesome Dodge Charger Demon and the Huge Grand Illusion party Bus limousines to hire.

As part of the 1st Event Group of companies, you know these stunning limousine are licenced, insured and driven by professional fully licenced chauffeurs.

Just go to www.chesterlimohire.co.uk. or its sister website for East Sussex, www.eastsussexlimohire.co.uk. Again here you will find the newest and most dynamic range of limousines in the UK.