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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Chrysler limos

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011


News for party bus hire in essex and party bus milton in keynes, friends are now having to sadly identify a man who had been killed last Monday night as 23-year-old Ashley Fair. Ashley had been killed after he was hit by a tractor trailer whilst trying to cross the highway. Police say he was pronounced dead at the scene. One of his friends had quoted ‘He would light up a room when he walked into it everyone would look forward to seeing him," said Fair's friend. It has been believed he was part of an event known as Greasin' the Wheels, a party bus that ended up a downtown club later in the evening. The owner of the downtown nightclub where the bus ended up describes Fair as sweet but troubled. For more information on party bus milton keynes and hire bus go to www.hirebus.co.uk


News for limo hire in colchester and limo hire prices, within the area of North Somerset, the MP Liam Fix has reportedly been forced to flee his London flat over fears of a possible terrorist attack.Dr Fox who has also been provided with a total price of £150,000 armour-plated BMW 7-series stretched limousine, according to reports. It has been said and believed he moved the last of his belongings into a two-bedroom government apartment at Admiralty House in Whitehall last week. Dr Fox is now currently the only minister living at the historic 225-year-old building. For more information on luxury car hire and hire limo in colchester go to www.limohireprices.com


News for limo hire in romford and limo hire in brentwood, Pinnacle one Limousine manufacturers has now launched a dream of a stretch limousine in the flesh of the Bumblebee (transporters) Camaro. The stretched limo itself has amazing features that would blow anyone away, some of these are the likes of the Lambo style doors for the driver and gull-wing doors for the lucky passengers. The stretch limousine pleases all Transformers fans with the Transformer’s Autobot symbol in the front. For more information on limo hire in harlow go to www.limohireharlow.com


News for hire limo in brighton and limo hire manchester, a small group of teenagers had got a stretched limousine to take them on a night out, on the way the had asked their limo driver to take a picture in front of Spartanburg's Cleveland Park for their memories.. When the limousine driver got out of the white Lincoln Town limousine, he turned back around to see the vehicle being driving away.. The stretched limo was located a short time after, and the police arrested Anthony Dupree Hawes One spokesmen said he had never heard of a limousine being taken in such a fashion before, saying the dressed-up teens were stuck on the side of the road for a couple of hours. For more information on limo hire in southend and hire manchester limo go to www.hiremanchesterlimo.co.uk


News for hire limo in liverpool and hire london limo, a great donation company Kids in Limos has now decided to expand their limo services beyond taking the children to appointments throughout the state, now they have decided to work the Corporate Angel Network to meet children who are flown in Windsor Locks so they can ride in style to their next treatments. Kid in Limos also works with the Make-a-Wish Foundation to transport children to and from the airports for their weeklong trips. More corporate sponsors have decided to help cover the gas and other expenses to insure the fantastic idea stays. For those businesses that contribute more than $500’s each. For more news on hire limo brighton and hire london limo go to www.hirelondonlimo.co.uk


News for hire limo in croydon and limo hire croydon , after he decided to go into retirement, one man started a special type of limousine services with one type of client in mine : children that had cancer and other types of special medical needs. Now the Flowers Kids in Limo’s limousine services drives children from throughout the state to chemo, radiation or even surgical appointments.

The special type of limousine had been built for the young minded, from the three TV’s and Wii game station to the strobe lights and laser light show and ipods. The fridge is stocked with cold drinks and befitting the limousines young occupants. For more information on hire limo hampshire and hire limo in edinburgh go to www.hirelimoediburgh.co.uk


News for hire limo milton in keynes and hire limo in surrey , before you think about hiring a stretch limousine for you and your freinds/family for special occasions either it be a ride to the prom, wedding or just a night out its now been said that the government is reminding people to check to see if the company is licensed and legitimate fo limosuine hiring. Limousine hiring operators must be licensed, carry suffient insurance and undergo annual safety inspections from local councils. Be careful when you hire a limousine for your occasion and make sure to check out the companies to see if their licensed and allowed to carry as many people as they say in their limousines. For more information on limo hire in essex go to www.hirelimosurrey.co.uk


News for chrysler limo hire in kent and limo hire in buckinghamshire, some of the administrators are now analyzing the committee that over looks the Calgary’s taxi and limousine industry with helping the overworked and under funded volunteers. They quoted ‘right now, what we are asking of them is more that we can reasonably accept from volunteers so either we have to adjust the terms or we have to adjust the resources that we give them to do the work’ Last week, the mayor Naheed Nenshir had said he hoped the study would ultimately reshape the industry, beginning with easing the burden on the committee. For more information on limo services london go to www.limoserviceslondon.co.uk

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


News for chrysler limo hire and limo hire east sussex, the Banglamun police serviced had attended a small bungalow in Chaiporn Vithi and had found a 63 year old stretched limousine chauffeur dead on the bed where he had slept. However no physical attack marks were seen on the body and his closest friend and girlfriend had told the police that they had seen each other for about a month and decided to stay together for some rest at the bungalow. She told the police he had felt some pain in his neck and all of a sudden he lost consciousness. For more news on limo hire in hertfordshire and chrysler limo hire go to www.limohirehertfordshire.co.uk


News for dodge charger limos and limos for sale, a various selected few some students from the East Elementary primary school in Alton arrived at their trip out to celebrate a pizza party in a stretched hummer limo hire. The limo was provided for the youngsters, and 30 or so children were honored with the party for their fund raising efforts throughout the school year. For more news on stretch limo for sale and dodge charger stretch go to www.1st4limosales.com


News for chrysler limo hire london and limo hire in london, it had been spotted on the eve of the Auto Shanghai 2011, which is going to be open later in the week, Cherys new and upcoming Paramount limousine was seeb on the streets of Shanghai yesterday afternoon. The stretched limo has been built on the Rich G6 platform and have been designed by SICAR. Tt is known to be 158bhp 2.0Litre engine and a five speed automatic transmission. For more information on chrysler limo hire london and hire limo kent go to www.chryslerlimohirelondon.co.uk

clamping down

News for limo hire and limo hire essex, the wheels have turned on the wide ranging review and views of both the taxi and limousine industry. The Mayor names Naheed Nenshi says a volunteer driven advisory committee with limited resources is being tasked with producing exhaustive reports. He has said he had met with the chair of the taxi and limousine advisory committee and discovered a few problems with its structure. For more information on limo hire and limo hire in leeds go to www.limohire.co.uk